DrumBox™ is a famous Russian company for the production of wooden percussion. We produce standart series and "Master Built".

DrumBox Instruments are used by famous musicians in Russia and abroad. We are proud to offer high professional instruments for you. This Series of Hand drum Percussion from DrumBox expands it’s options of hand percussion. 

One of the most popular models of our factory - model Standard PRO LE. This is the classic model with a spring-unit from a snare drum. We used it in a unique and patented system of damping unwanted overtones. There is VDR (Variable dynamic resonance system) technology even here. The playing surface is thinner in the zone where it needs to be resonate and it’s thicker in the working surface for it’s stable strength. The body of the Cajon is made of highest quality of plywood birch. The working surface (Tapa) is made of a sandwich of veneer resonancing spruce and alder or maple. Cajon covered by the acoustic lacquer.

With the DrumBox you get a great sound: the bass is clear without other overtones and it has ringing snare effect.

We can equip your cajon to place your own logo (or your band logo) and make there a full-color image on Tapa too.
We are glad to answer some of your questions. Communicate with us. 


 Thank you for your attention and your choise!


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